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Crafted to be soft and approachable, but with big luscious fruit and just enough acidityand tannins.

Expected to age well for 10+ years.

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Petit Verdot is one of the 5 primary Bordeaux varietals and its claim to fame is in blending. Single varietal wines and blends can be completely transformed by the addition of a small percent of Petit Verdot. It is common for wineries to add this to Cabernet, Merlot and other varietals to boost the color, earthy qualities and provide complexity. In our experience anything more than ~4% Petit Verdot has quite a significant and characteristic impact on the wine blend. Interestingly, by itself it doesn’t have overbearing qualities; rather, it has nice fruit qualities, lots of depth and a surprisingly balanced flavor with lots of tannin and structure. We thought it would be interesting to bottle some by itself to share with you as a unique standalone wine.

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