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Experience the best of Seven Bridges by joining our wine club. Membership includes regular shipments of our wine and exclusive benefits such as:

  • Invitations to club events
  • Access to special releases
  • 20% discount on regular club shipments
  • 20% discount off any additional wine purchases throughout the year
  • Winemaker's production notes
  • No tasting fees for club members and up to 5 guests

Wine club shipments occur every spring and fall. Each shipment includes 6 bottles and costs between $175 and $225 (excluding shipping costs). Join Now


The 2023 Spring Wine Club Shipment consists of the following wines: 

2018 Sangiovese, Kolibri Vineyard:     Sangiovese is an Italian varietal found in Brunello and Chianti. This is our first vintage sourcing Sangiovese from Kolibri Vineyard. All the fruit from Kolibri expresses full flavors and a bit of peppery aromas. This is a denser, more flavorful wine than previous vintages while still retaining the acidity of Sangiovese. 

2018 Zinfandel, Gunkel Family Vineyards:     Our Zinfandel has huge fruit flavors which we balance with a heavy dose of oak. This grape and oak are a great combination and a nice contrast to our other offerings. This makes a great pairing with zesty sauces, pizza and BBQ. 

2018 Equilibrium, Columbia Valley:     Equilibrium was the first blend we ever made back in 2007 (pre-commercial) when we had only 2 grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. It was great then and continues to be a favorite. The blend is dominated by Malbec profiles but gets the body and complexity of a nice cab.  (67% Malbec, Kolibri vineyard / 33% Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley)

2017 Syrah, Seven Hills Vineyard:     Syrah is both a fun and tricky grape to work with as it takes on dramatic differences based on winemaking style. Previous vintages hinted at what we wanted but in this vintage we nailed it! This version is soft, low oak profile with an abundance of fruit and velvety mouthfeel. 

2018 Malbec Reserve, Kolibri Vineyard:     We’ve tried Malbec from other vineyards but nothing has compared to the grapes from Kolibri Vineyard. Sadly, this was the final vintage produced by Jeff Dill. He left behind his wife Donna and now son Brendan to continue his excellence in the vineyard. This wine is a suitable remembrance to Jeff. Thank you!! 

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve, Les Collines Vineyard:     Les Collines Vineyard has been one of the legendary vineyards of Walla Walla for decades. Our Cabernet block is characterized by producing a wine that is tight when young and ages tremendously. The fruit is always excellent and the body is classic Walla Walla. This wine definitely benefits from some decanting when young.